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Trade Information

For more than 35 years, Sunshine Coast tradesmen have relied on Ironbark Timber. Why? Because we've got the range of timber to suit every job. We've got it in stock when you need it. We deliver it on time. And because our prices are very attractive.

If you're a builder, fencer, landscaper or handyman, call in and have a chat with the experienced Ironbark Timber team today.

And here's some handy information, tips and data sheets that might help make the job easier for you!

Ironbark Timber product brochure: Click here

ACQ - Treated Wood - Safety Data Sheet: Click here

CCA - Treated Timber - Safety Data Sheet: Click here

Easy Mix GP Cement - Technical Data Sheet: Click here

Easy Mix Rapid Set Concrete - Technical Data Sheet: Click here

Easy Mix Quick Set 32mpa High Strength Concrete - Technical Data Sheet: Click here

Accoya Wood - Information Guide: Click here

Accoya Tech Info Sheet - Weathering V12.15-1: Click here

Accoya Quick Use Guide: Click here

Accoya Requirements and Quotation Terms & Conditions: Click here

Specifying Timber - Technical Data: Click Here

Beekeeper's AVPMA Permit: Click Here

Aust standards on hardwood decking / flooring / KDF27 products: Click Here

Building Pole Specifications: Click Here

Residential Timber Decks - Technical Data: Click Here

Residential Timber - DecksClose To or On The Ground: Technical Data  Click Here

Timber Decks - Commercial, Industrial or Marine: Technical Data Click Here

Sub-Floor Ventilation: Technical Data Click Here

Parkside Decking: Technical Data Click Here

Superdeck Installation & Product Guidelines: Click Here

Timber Handrails and Balustrades: Click Here

Finishes for Exterior Timber : Technical Data: Click Here

Timber Garden Walls: Click Here

Timber Retaining Walls: Click Here

Pergolas and Carports: Click Here

Outdoor Timber Performance: Technical Data Click Here

Why are my pine logs splitting?: Click Here

Softwood Grading - Learner Guide: Click Here

Timber Treatment Brands: Technical Data Click Here

Timber and Stains: Technical Data Click Here

Tanacoat Timber Oil: Click Here

Residential Timber Fences: Technical Data Click Here

Use Of Treated Pine Outdoors: Technical Data Click Here

Fire Hazard Properties of Timber: Technical Data Click Here

Use of Timber in Bushfire Areas: Technical Data Click Here

Legal Forms: Application for Credit, Guarantee and Indemnity and Trading Terms & Conditions.