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About Us

Ironbark Timber commenced in 1980, a tale of ingenuity and hard work that began when David Brady started selling Ironbark hardwood sleepers from the back of his ute. It was a transaction that encapsulated the spirit of a true Australian battler, armed with an entrepreneurial zeal and a willingness to Do It Right by taking on any challenge.

Yet, this seemingly small transaction held a greater significance. It marked the birth of a legacy, the inception of a brand, and the creation of a culture that resonates through every facet of Ironbark Timber. From that moment, we've been dedicated to sourcing and supplying top-quality hardwood for builders and tradies, embodying the very essence of Australian determination to Do It Right.

At the heart of our story lies Grey Ironbark hardwood (botanical name Eucalyptus paniculata), a quintessential flagship of Australian native hardwoods. Renowned for its unyielding toughness, enduring durability, exceptional quality, and unwavering authenticity, Grey Ironbark defines not just a timber species, but the very ethos of Ironbark Timber itself - where doing it right is the only way we know how.

Our legacy isn't confined to a single species; it extends to a curated selection of iconic Australian timbers, including Spotted Gum, Blackbutt, as well as imported species and composite products. The early 2000's marked a significant change when Simon and Kylie Brady assumed ownership from Simon's father, David. Simon's deep-rooted expertise, unmatched timber knowledge and portfolio of high-profile projects solidified Ironbark Timber as a beacon of quality, ensuring that every project is done right.

We've graced iconic projects across Australia, from the Yarra River Boardwalk in Melbourne to the Hope Island Marina, the Noosa Boardwalk, and the Pacific Harbour Golf Club on Bribie Island. Our partnerships with industry-leading brands like SPAX© fasteners and Trex© decking signify our commitment to aligning with excellence because doing it right is at the core of everything we do.

In 2022, Nathan Baker and Karl Baker took the reins, embracing the strengths that defined Ironbark Timber's success while forging new paths to ensure that every customer experience is done right. In April 2023, we proudly launched our comprehensive e-commerce platform, delivering the complete Ironbark Timber experience directly to our customers' devices. This digital expansion extends our legacy to new corners, emphasizing our dedication to strong supply chains and relationships with trusted suppliers - all to make sure things are done right.