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Stringer 4 Tread 3mm HDG Inground Pair



Steel Stair Stringers are fabricated and hot dipped galvanised with a Rise of 175mm and a Going of 250mm. Stair Stringers are designed to be suitable for residential / domestic / office / commercial applications with a clear span to 17 steps when installed with the use of either aluminium step treads or timber treads to a maximum of 1200mm tread width per pair. For wider tread spans a third central stringer must be used. The standard Stringers are constructed to suit 50mm treads to achieve the maximum gap of 125mm between the treads.



  • RHS Size: 75mm X 50mm X 2.5mm
  • RHS Bolt Hole: 14mm
  • Thread Bolt Hole: 8mm / Slots: 11mm X 18mm
  • Rise: 175mm
  • Going: 250mm
  • Thread: 4
  • Finishing: Hot-Dip Galvanised