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Spotted Gum Screening 42x19 Std/Btr KD

$10.37 to $21.79


A premium Australian hardwood, Spotted Gum is widely used for exterior decking and internal construction projects. Spotted Gum is popular for its grain structure and vibrant colours. It is extremely adaptable and a naturally strong timber, making it ideally suited to numerous indoor and outdoor applications.


It is a sustainable option, as spotted gum is grown in Australia and can be sourced from responsibly managed forests. Spotted gum screening can be easily installed and maintained, making it a cost-effective and long-lasting solution for outdoor privacy and fencing needs.



  • Spotted Gum Screening
  • 40x19
  • Standard/Better grade
  • Kiln Dried


Maintainance Tips

  • Regularly clean the surface of the screening to remove dirt, dust, and debris. This can be done using a soft-bristled brush or a pressure washer on a low setting.
  • Apply a penetrating oil or sealant to protect the wood and enhance its natural color. This should be done every 1-2 years, depending on the level of exposure to sunlight and weather conditions.
  • Keep the area around the screening clear of foliage and debris, as this can trap moisture and promote rot or decay.
  • Check the screening periodically for signs of damage or wear, such as cracking, splitting, or warping. If necessary, replace damaged boards or sections to maintain the integrity of the structure.
  • Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasives on the screening, as this can damage the wood and compromise its natural durability. Instead, use gentle, non-toxic cleaning solutions and tools to keep the wood looking its best.