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Ironbark Decking 86x19 KD Std/Btr

Species: Ironbark

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As premium Australian hardwoods, Grey and Red Ironbark are known for their hardwearing qualities, strength, and durability, and are one of the wood species that can be a dressed hardwood. Ironbark has high-density levels with strong natural resistance to lyctid borers and termites. Ironbark trees are named after their thick, compact and hard bark.


Ironbark timber is native to eastern Australia and is available in various grades and sizes. It is commonly used for flooring, cladding, and structural applications in both residential and commercial settings. It has a distinctive dark red-brown colour with a tight, interlocking grain pattern along with a medium to coarse texture, which makes it easy to work with using both hand and machine tools.



  • Class 1 Timber Durability Rating
  • Hardwood
  • Ironbark Decking
  • 86x19
  • Kiln Dried
  • Standard/Better