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Engineering Grade Concrete 32 MPa


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Easy Mix Quick Set High Strength Concrete is up to 60% stronger than the compressive strength of standard 20MPa concrete. It is a blend of Portland cement, gravel, graded coarse sand, fine aggregates and two accelerating compounds. It contains a higher proportion of Portland cement and a recipe that will generate compressive strengths of 32MPa. Its fast setting and high strength properties make it a great concrete for the setting of posts or fence corners where a superior result is desired.


*MPa is a measure of compressive strength. As a guide, the strength of a standard domestic driveway is typically 20-25 MPa.


You will be able to find our Quick Set Concrete for purchase in stores across Brisbane as well as areas such as Byron Bay, Ballina, Lismore and surrounds.


Due to its faster setting properties, this product is not suited for creating concrete paths or slabs. If using in a mixer, be sure to remove it quickly as its fast setting properties will tend to make it stick to the interior and any tools that are used.


Product Features

  • Superior compressive Strength of 32MPa* when fully cured
  • Quick initial set time in 20 minutes


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