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ACQ Sleeper Pine 200 x 050 H4 Arrissed

$33.50 to $41.87


Pine sleepers make a great choice for anyone wanting a budget-friendly material to use for retaining walls, garden beds, walkways, garden edging and general landscaping projects such as benches and tables. The H4 hazard rating allows the pine sleepers to be used in areas that will be in frequent contact with moisture such as on the ground in a backyard. The Alkaline Copper Quaternary (ACQ) treatment is a water-based timber treatment allowing the pine to be safely used for areas that will be in contact with people or garden beds.


Due to its nature, pine sleepers are an extremely versatile material, making it very easy for anyone to cut and shape them to their needs. It can also be left for a natural look or painted to stand out from the crowd. Another perk of pine is the fact it is one of the most renewable timbers, making it readily available with very little lead time on orders.



  • ACQ
  • Sleeper Pine
  • 200x50
  • H4 hazard level rating
  • Arrissed