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Tylok Plate 67 x 190 x 1mm Galv

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Tylock plates are specifically designed metal fasteners used in the construction industry for joining timber or wood members together. These plates are typically made of galvanized steel and feature a pattern of teeth or spikes on one side. Tylock plates are commonly utilized in applications where a strong and reliable connection is required, such as in timber framing, truss construction, or engineered wood products. They are also used on the ends of sleepers to prevent the ends from splitting which can cause issues later on.


The primary purpose of Tylock plates is to provide structural reinforcement and prevent the separation or movement of joined wooden components. They are installed by pressing the plate into the wood at the joint, allowing the teeth to embed into the fibers and create a secure connection. The teeth on the Tylock plates grip the wood tightly, creating a mechanical bond that distributes the load and enhances the overall strength and stability of the joint.


By using Tylock plates, builders and carpenters can efficiently and effectively connect timber elements, ensuring the integrity and longevity of their structures. These plates offer a reliable and cost-effective solution for joining wood members, enabling the construction of robust and durable wooden frameworks.



  • 67 x 190 x 1mm
  • Galvanised