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Trex Starter Clip-Timber - Box of 36 - 2.5/LM

Species: Composite

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Trex starter clip-Timber 36pce, 2.5/LM



Trex Starter Clips are an essential component of the Trex decking system, designed to simplify the installation process and ensure a secure and even base for your decking boards. These clips are used to attach the first board of your deck to the joists, creating a firm foundation for the rest of the boards.


The clips are made from high-quality, weather-resistant materials and are designed to fit seamlessly with Trex decking boards. They are easy to install and eliminate the need for unsightly screws or nails, providing a clean and professional finish to your deck.


Using Trex Starter Clips can help to reduce installation time and ensure that your decking boards are properly spaced and secured, providing a safe and long-lasting outdoor living space.