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Treated Pine Chemshield Screw 10 x 65 (Pack of 500)



Treated Pine Chemshield Screw 10g x 65mm (500) (Square Drive)

Self drilling type 17 point. Has countersunk ribbed head that self embed and can be driven flush with timber surface or countersunk below the surface. 2/3 coarse thread and unique head design provide maximum holding power in softwoods with a neat, clean finish. Approved for use in ACQ treated timbers.


For fixing treated pine decking, flooring, slatting and general timber to timber external applications in treated timbers.

End User:

Builders, Carpenters, Landscapers DIYers.


Cold forged and roll formed, countersunk heads with nibs, coarse thread 2/3 of shank length, type 17 point made from hardened wire.