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TREX Rain Escape Black Down Sprout


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Unlock the full potential of your outdoor living experience with the Trex RainEscape under-deck drainage system. This innovative solution empowers homeowners to design a captivating and functional space beneath their decks, complete with lighting, ceiling fans, entertainment centers, kitchens, and beyond. Available in both brown and black options, the system doubles your usable outdoor space, transforming it into a dry and versatile patio or storage area.


The genius of the Trex RainEscape lies in its thoughtfully designed trough and downspout system. By efficiently diverting water away from your deck, it ensures that the area below remains dry and protected. With this newfound freedom, you can craft a remarkable outdoor oasis that not only expands your living area but also provides a safe and sheltered environment for various activities.


Say goodbye to wasted space and hello to endless possibilities. Elevate your outdoor living with the Trex RainEscape under-deck drainage system and unlock a world of creativity and functionality right beneath your feet.