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Pine Decking 90x22 Micropro H3 Reeded

Species: Pine
$17.42 to $31.82

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Treated Pine decking is a versatile and cost effective product for your next decking project. Pine decking is farmed and made in Australia and can easily be painted or stained to further enhance the look of the timber. The treatment in the timber will help fight off Termites and Rot extending the life of your deck.


All of our pine fencing goes through a strict grading process to ensure only the best quality product leaves the yard. The pine is free from gum splits, gum vein and knots are kept to a minimum due to our unique harvesting process. This means there will be less wastage with a better quality product which leads to happy customers.


MicroPro timber treatment is a type of treatment that involves pressure treating the timber with Micronized Copper Azole (MCA). The key benefits of MCA treatment are its protection against fungal decay, termites, borers and fantastic corrosion resistance. MCA is also compatible with aluminium building components making it far more versatile when picking what timber to use for a project.


Reeded timber adds an extra function by allowing moisture to dissipate from the surface much easier. This means the surface will dry quicker and last longer meaning less maintenance in the future.



  • Pine Decking
  • Micronized Copper Azole (MCA) treated
  • 90x22
  • Reeded