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Millboard Square Edge Flexible

$183.06 to $195.00


Complete the edge of your deck or stairs by utilising the square edging that is purpose-built. The edging has a range of benefits that include being slip resistant, resistant to algae, lightweight, splinter free and low maintenance!


Unlike traditional timber, Millboard is very UV stable, does not warp and has a unique “lost head” feature, meaning screws can be driven into the material like timber, but the head will disappear and then seal up for that seamless yet strong finish.


The most unique feature of the flexible edge board is the ability to be flexed and curved which opens up many more possibilities when it comes to deck designs.



  • Standard or dark colour options
  • 50mm x 32mm x 2.4m


*For best results, coat screws in silicone spray before fixing through the face.