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Millboard Duofix Side-Fixing Tool


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Our innovative tool provides a quick and easy solution to fix the boards from the side, resulting in a clean, hidden fixing finish, keeping the face of the board clear of screw holes. This quality gives a clean look, even when used with lighter-coloured boards.


To use, the Guide simply lays over the decking board and is adjustable to board widths of 5.7-7.8", making it compatible with all Millboard decking boards, and even some softwood decking boards. When used in combination with Durafix® screws and the complimentary driver bit, the Guide aligns the screws perfectly and controls the fixing depth too, providing a 0.2" spacing between boards.


You can now purchase DuoFix Spare Driver Bit Kits. Each kit contains:

  • 2 Driver Bits
  • 4 Nylon Washers
  • 4 Stainless Steel Washers