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Merbau F27 Solid Select KD PR 240 x 42

SKU: MERB240042
Species: Merbau

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Merbau is a rich and highly durable hardwood widely renowned for its coarse but even texture. It is one of the most commonly used decking and outdoor timbers used in Australia. F27 Merbau is utilized in the construction of pergolas, fences, and outdoor shelters. Its natural resistance to moisture and pests makes it a durable choice for exterior structures.



  • Class 1 durability (above ground only)
  • Stylish colour and interlocking grain pattern
  • Natural rot, insect and fungal resistance
  • F27 Stress Grade
  • Solid Select
  • Kiln Dried
  • Pencil Round
  • 240mm x 42mm