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Klevaklip Adjustable Joist Hanger


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Klevaklip Adjustable Joist Hanger


Protect your joists against moisture by keeping them off the concrete, the Adjustable Joist Hanger effectively prevents unwanted moisture from seeping into the joists. This safeguard eliminates the risk of joist-rot, which often occurs when moisture infiltrates the bottom of the joists. The Adjustable Joist Hanger is particularly suitable for areas where the concrete has a built-in slope or "fall." It allows you to create a level deck on such surfaces by adjusting the height of the joists.


The height of your deck is easily determined by the length of bolts used with the Adjustable Joist Hanger. Whether you need a lower deck or a higher one, simply select the appropriate bolt length to achieve the desired deck height. The Adjustable Joist Hanger employs "long thread" 10mm bolts, nuts, and washers. It is recommended to ensure you have these specific bolts before purchasing elsewhere. This saves you the hassle of having to replace them later.


To securly attach to concrete, the Adjustable Joist Hanger utilizes standard 12mm Dynabolt anchors to securely hold it in place on concrete surfaces. This ensures a reliable and durable connection between the joist hanger and the concrete. With many houses now constructed on concrete slabs, there is often limited space to build a traditional decking substructure with stumps, bearers, and joists. The Adjustable Joist Hanger provides an effective solution, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of a timber deck even when faced with height restrictions. 


 For easy installation, the Adjustable Joist Hanger from KlevaKlip is designed for simple installation. It can be easily mounted and used with suitably treated timber joists that have a width of 45mm and a minimum height of 70mm. When working with hardwood joists, it is recommended to screw them to the joist hanger instead of using nails. This ensures a stronger and longer-lasting connection between the joists and the hanger.


Please note that the KlevaKlip Adjustable Joist Hanger is currently undergoing patent approval, highlighting its unique and innovative design in the market