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KD HWD F27 140 x 45 (Up to 4500)

SKU: KDF2714045HWD


Our Australian Hardwood is perfect for any construction project that requires a strong base material for outdoor use. The species used would be primarily Spotted Gum, and may also include other species such as Ironbark. This Australian Hardwood is a strong and reliable product for joists, roof beams, stair treads, rails and more. Combined with the H3 hazard rating, it will last for many years to come in above-ground applications provided it won't get wet very often.


This hardwood is treated with Tanalith E which is a type of timber treatment process that involves the application of a water-based preservative to the surface of the timber. The preservative contains copper and organic biocides, which protect the timber from decay, fungal growth, and insect attack.


This process involves immersing the timber in a vacuum-pressure vessel and applying the preservative under high pressure to ensure deep penetration of the preservative into the timber. The treated timber is then allowed to dry and can be used for various outdoor applications, including fencing, landscaping, and construction. Tanalith E is widely used in the timber industry as a cost-effective and long-lasting solution for preserving timber and protecting it against decay and insect attack.



  • 140mm x 45mm
  • Priced Per Lineal Metre
  • Kiln Dried
  • F27 stress grade