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HWD Superdeck 140 x 32 GOS Anti-Cup Rebate Lineal Metre



Hardwood Superdeck 140x32 H3 F17 GOS Anti-Cup Rebate

  • Qld Royal Mixed Species Hardwood eg. QLD Spotted Gum, QLD Ironbark
  • Durability – Class 1 ( Above ground)
  • Top of board graded as per AS2082 to structural Grade No.2 = F17+
  • GOS – Green off Saw
  • Sawn Top with Pencil Rounded top edge
  • Finished to 140 x 32
  • Tapered sides
  • Anti-cup rebate to the underside of the decking board
  • Each decking board will be graded with the pith side of the board as the underside
  • “Tan-E” treated after all machining as per AS1604 to H3 or H4


  1. All decking must be butted hard, with no gap, to allow for shrinkage as the product is GOS. Avoid mitre joins. Tangential and radial shrinkage will occur which will cause the mitre joint to separate.
  2. Fixing to steel joists is not recommended as steel expands and causes shear. Please check with your steel supplier, as they may recommend a timber batten to be fixed to the top of each joist. This will allow the steel to expand without applying pressure to the fixings.
  3. German-made Engineered Spax Boardwalk screws are best practice 120mm x 8mm S/S A4 double thread for 145 x 45 board or 100mm x 6mm preferred Spax-Decking screws for 140x32 Superdeck. Best practice: Decking screws to be pre-drilled to the full depth of the screw. As Superdeck is “green off saw”, the pre-drill hole should be approximately 80% of the shank diameter of the screw. NB: Do not use an impact driver to put the decking screw in.
  4. Treated pine subfloor is not recommended for GOS Superdeck products.
  5. Fix with 2 screws per joist and joins should be fixed approximately 30mm in from each side.
  6. If the anti-scallop rebate is not installed on your Superdeck board, it is best practice to install the boards with the heartwood (pith) side facing down ie. Wood grain convex.
  7. It is also recommended to finish the product before fixing it.

Finishing Before Fixing

For maximum serviceability and protection against weathering, timber decking should be properly finished and maintained. Before fixing, the following should be applied:

  1. For Oil Based Stain Finishes
    a. Give all faces and edges of decking and top edge of deck joists one coat of water-repellent preservative such as:
    b. Tanacoat Water repellent. NOTE: Some stains may not be compatible with water-repellent preservatives. Seek the stain manufacturer’s advice before applying the finish.
  2. For Acrylic Stains and Paint Finishes
    a. All faces and edges of the decking and the top edge of deck joists should be primed with a good quality wood primer, followed by one coat of the selected decking paint (as per the manufacturer’s specifications).
    Note: Pale colours are best, dark colours can accelerate degradation and decay.
  3. End Sealing
    a. All cut ends should be sealed with preservative, stain or primer, depending on the final coating, prior to being fixed in position.

The above information has been compiled by: Simon Brady Dip of Forest & Forest Products (Management), Dip of Forest Industries- (Technical Timber),. Managing Director. Whilst every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of advice given, Ironbark Timber Products Pty Ltd cannot accept liability for loss or damage arising from the use of the information supplied.