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  • Primed Pine L/Waist Rebate H3 LOSP 65x63x5.4

Primed Pine L/Waist Rebate H3 LOSP 65x63x5.4

Species: Pine

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This primed pine rail with rebate, makes for a very versatile option to use for any staircase. Pine makes it far more cost-effective compared to the hardwood on the market. With its ease of use, the pine handrail also comes primed and ready for paint. Being a much softer wood, pine is fantastic as it is easy to work with and can be cut much easier, saving time and money on saw blades.


The LOSP (light organic solvent preservative) ensures the rail meets the H3 hazard class rating making it suitable for above-ground applications and is resistant to fungal decay and insect damage.



  • Bottom rail profile with rebate
  • Primed ready for paint
  • LOSP treated
  • H3 hazard class rating
  • 65x63x5400