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Colonial Pine Paling CCA H3 75x15

Species: Pine
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Used for general purposes in an outdoor application, Pine Fence Palings are a popular building product for outdoors. The H3 (Hazard level 3) CCA preservative treatment means the Pine Palings are suitable for above-ground use, and durable against fungal decay and attack from insects, such as termites & borers.


There are many benefits to using pine as a fence paling, the first being cost as pine is generally much cheaper than other species of timber. Combined with the low cost of pine, its durability when treated correctly makes it a popular choice for many people. Pine is classified as a softwood which makes it very easy to work with and great for DIY fence projects.


Naturally, pine is quite an attractive looking material due to its warm look that can compliment a wide variety of landscape designs. It is also incredibly versatile as it can be painted, stained, oiled or simply left as is. Pine is one of the most renewable species as it is a fast-growing species of tree.



  • General purpose construction for above ground use only
  • Treated H3 CCA
  • All products are graded and treated in accordance with the relevant Australian Standards
  • Colonial Pine Paling
  • 75x15