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Chamfer Sleeper Pine CCA H4 200x75

$42.04 to $52.57


This chamfered pine sleeper is suitable for structural retaining walls and certain structural landscaping projects. The H4 hazard rating allows the pine sleepers to be used in areas that will be in frequent contact with moisture such as on the ground in a backyard. Keep in mind the Copper Chrome Arsenic (CCA) treatment is a water-bourne timber treatment that SHOULD NOT be used for high-contact structures such as playgrounds, decks, garden furniture, tables, chairs handrails or other structures that could come into contact with people, drinking water or food.


Our pine goes through our strict grading process to ensure it has no gum vein, gum splits and knots are kept to a minimum ensuring wastage is kept to a minimum and saving the end user money. Due to its nature, pine sleepers are an extremely versatile material, making it very easy for anyone to cut and shape them to their needs. It can also be left for a natural look or painted to stand out from the crowd. Another perk of pine is the fact it is one of the most renewable timbers, making it readily available with very little lead time on orders.



  • Chamfer Sleeper Pine
  • Copper Chrome Arsenic (CCA) treated
  • H4 rating
  • High-quality landscape-grade sleepers
  • 200x75


To view the safety data sheet for CCA timber treatment click here.