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Ankascrew Galv 10 x 75 mm

SKU: ANK10075G


Anchor Concrete Screw 10 x 75mm



  • The AM premium concrete screw is suitable for push-through installation.
  • When the concrete screw is screwed into the drill hole, the thread flanks cut positively into the concrete.
  • Use FBS A4 for external applications and those in a damp environment.
  • Use a torque wrench for easy installation.
  • Do not exceed the maximum installation torque. 


  • Simple and time-saving threaded screws for the use in concrete.
  • Once screwed into the hole the thread taps into concrete for positive fit anchorage.
  • Completely removable anchor suitable for temporary fixings.
  • Virtually expansion-free operation allows cost-efficient fixing with small axial spaces and edge distances
  • RUSPERT® coating provides excellent corrosion protection. 

RUSPERT® ( Patent No 1526310 and 1570203)

The amazing metal finish is a high-grade metal surface processing technology that prevents corrosion. It consists of three layers: the 1st layer: a metallic zinc layer, the 2nd layer: a high-grade anticorrosion chemical conversion film, and a 3rd outer layer; baked ceramic surface coating. The distinguishing feature of RUSPERT® is the tight joining of the baked ceramic surface coating and the chemical conversion film. These layers are bonded together through chemical reactions, and this unique method of combining layers results in rigid combination of the coating films. RUSPERT® treatment does not attribute its anti-corrosion properties to merely a single material, but the synergy of these three layers, which combined have superb rustproof qualities.